Lecrae , 1K Phew, Wande , Hulvey

It′s like
It's like the Devil tryna scare you
And then the angels come in and the angelsThey let you know Who′s in charge

I tried living apart from God
At times I was feeling so far from God
My faith in these people done left me scarred
The hatred and hurt was so bizarre
I thought that they would always ride for me
I cried, but nobody replied to me
I questioned the truth inside of me
And right about then, is when the Dеvil had lied to me
Like, "Hold up, God got you, Hе don't ever show up
All His people acting like they know you
Tell you that you do it for the money, fame, power, tryna blow up
Why you playing games? Time to grow up
You've been reading Bibles and leading studies and helping your little buddies
But tell me what it′s really doing for you
They gon′ still tell you're fake and phony, assuming your every motive, so what′s the point of tryna keep it loyal?
Said you had faith faith, you're starting to race bait
Can′t even take dates, you hoping to save faith
Trying to go mainstream in order to reach folk
Ain't nobody rocking with you, especially these folks
I lost it, while I′m drinking liquor in my closet
I used to pray in here, but now I'm saucy
I'm losing money, I′m a lost prophet
I′m making bad decisions, every time I get exhausted
Lord, I don't even really know the real me now
Demons got me tripping, tryna kill me now
Satan tryna figure who can help get delivered
Send an angel in a Uber, come and heal me now
Evil, you ain′t got no control of me
I'm never too far from the blood that flow from me
I lost a lot, but got too much to gain, I′ll prolly never be the same
And I ain't worried, ′cause I know He restoring me

Ayy, had to suffer through the storm, no cap
Uh, yeah, I signed a deal, but I ain't really gettin' racks
Could′ve fell up in the pit, huh, lost my track
Uh, switch up the flow like He switched up my past
Everything different when I hit the glass
Looked at the ′Gram more then I look to fast
Stuck in my head, I don't know where I′m at
All of that fame don't last
Can You restore me?
You gotta quote this, recording
I never thought that my life had a story
My testimony a ET for homie
I see new dimensions like I′m Rick and Morty
Uh, no pun intended, He callin'
I ain′t lookin' back, I'm all in
I put my heart in the offering
And the whole church say, "Amen"

Ayy, yeah
Been at the bottom, but God told me flip my perspective
It′s all in perception
′Cause every time that I feel low, He gon' step in (Yeah)
Make sure when you runnin′ you got some direction
The Devil, he plottin', I see the the deception
But haven′t you noticed when we at our lowest that's when our prayer life be havin′ some focus? Ooh
When I'm winnin' am I choosin′ you?
If you missin′ every winner lose
Here lies the body, it's someone who bodied the verses
Reversing the generation of the curses
′Cause G-O-D is the One we puttin' first
Took my flesh and put it in a hearse
At my moment′s when I feel my worst
I know, God restoring though it hurts oh
Can't reverse, no
An alert soul
Let the church go

Mmm, yeah
I′ve been up five days 'cause I'm tired of strugglin′ on Fridays, yeah (Tired)
Lord, I want me a Hellcat, but You know I might speed on the highway (Lord, I really want one)
And I met me some hellcats that be talkin′ so bad on they potluck
Never met a Mercedes my partner
With the real ones, ain't none of them pro′lems (Oh, no)
So I look for they cap at the altar
Got to make it back home to my daughters, yeah
I'm so sick of these cryin′ men
They just want me to play, I'm in bondage
That′s why I never said nothin' when they tried to come for us on top ten, yeah
Now they say that I'm top ten (Huh?)
They must not know I′m top five (Let′s go)
In the gym I hang on the rim (I hang)
Otto Rocket, stop playing with him (Stop playing)
Nah, for real, I'm standing beside that
I′m so real, so sorry, can't hide that (I can′t)
How come you just don't tell us what happened? (What happened)
From the street with a passion
Maybe this money won′t let me in passio
But I thought it would change with a record deal and when I start believin'
Had to win the season for a certain reason
So I signed to Reach and then I started speakin' to the realest people, got behind me
We really fightin′ demons for the real meaning
Got a teriyaki and I′m Polynesian
It's in my city, better sign in
Got a gang of songs I wanna chime in (1K forever)
Never scary, but we God-fearin′
They can't tell us now, but we God-cheerin′
Honda Civic, I know God's steerin′
In the Lamborghini, I know God's steerin', yeah, yeah
That He pioneered, yeah, yeah
That we [?], yeah, yeah, yeah
Get a load of me, yeah, yeah
Just talked to ′Crae, he said, "Hold on, got a top-five in here"
I told him, "Good, ′cause I ain't goin′ back to flyin' over frontier"
Hundred percent to below zero, world givin′ me chills, oh
Had to go back and restore my whole life, folks ain't real, oh, ayy

We′re all on the journey of bein' restored and that's the choice that we make
Do you want that process, do you wanna engage or do you wanna sit in, you know, in dysfunction? You know what I′m sayin′?
Do you wanna sit rusted or do we wanna join in on this process of bein' restored?