No Church in a While

Lecrae , 1K Phew


See I′m sittin' down in my whip and I′m justTryna figure out how I can go to church as I is, I mean as I am
I'm not a bad guy, I've been tellin′ all of my partners, "It ain′t no scam"
Even when I got jammed up, I told the lady cop, "Yes ma'am"

And I just had a court case
Why you judgin′ me too?
There ain't even what the Bible say you supposed to love me too
I was in the mud, you supposed to pull me up
You just dragged me through
I was poppin′ all the pills
You ain't pray for me
You just drugged me too

Comin′ up
I was bumpin' that Cross Movement
They was callin' it thuggin′ music
Gospel gangsta, when I′m walkin' in
You want the fake daps and fake hugs music
When they hear the strip club music
They gon′ gеt the instrumental
If I play "Fettuccinе" for the strippers
I bet they get real sentimental, uh

Life is like a box of colored pencils
And tryna write the rules with no utensils
You lookin' so stupid, plain and simple
You might as well vandalize the temple
You might as well go to Heaven and tell God
"Move, step aside, allow me" (Pssh)
That′s crazy
You ain't finna get strucked ′round me

And I know Christ died for us, but that ain't make you king
I put it on angel wings
I'm ten
Why you give me the run-around?
We on the same team
Why you keep crabbin′ on my lifestyle?
That′s Eugene, see, look

I don't wanna just walk around
Feelin′ sad inside, that's blue genes
Yeah, I don′t care if y'all sittin′ there watchin' me
That's you stream
I don′t care about your made-up philosophy
I read Proverbs, fool
What you mean
"Get up off the stage, right now"?
You came to my concert, fool
It ain′t even gotta be like this
But I'm fed up, man
They be sayin′ I'm prideful when
I got my head up, man
Why you tryna come fight me?
You ain′t even squared up, man
I don't want no smoke ′cause
The gang might tear it up, man

I feel like, now, I feel like my spiritual walk
Is a lot better than where it was
I think because I did grow up in the church and I had this
It was like this pressure to go every Sunday

Yeah, uh, ayy
No church in a while, God
Please help out your child
I'm pandemic to my limits and they treatin' me so foul
I was tryna help my people feel like Moses for a minute
But these people call me fake and tell they children not to listen

I thought we was family
I thought we was kin, deeper than our skin
I thought we was blood
Covered by it for our deepest sins
I ain′t been to church in quite a min′
Partially because I'm nervous
That these folks won′t let me in
I be feelin' like they hate me
And lately they twist my words up to bait me
And I try to dispel the rumors
But all that′s drivin' me crazy

But if I′m honest, there's some pastors who passionate 'bout my peace
I be wantin′ to blame the church but some of it reside with me
I′m finally open to try it, to tour a club or a church
After quarantine, I was like "Man, I'm good if I never search"
But I needed people like I need my senses
Hopefully, we find consensus
And we come to our senses
No church in a while