Heated Heavy

Krayzie Bone

Verse 1:
Runnin' with thet AK-47 buckin heated heavy
bustin niggas in the belly, and follow with the 357,
and then the automatic tech'll get 'em
niggaz love the way I wet 'em when I get up in 'em
hit 'em and I really meant to split 'em
put these niggas on they ass like a overdose of penicillin
murder, nigga wanna pack a pistol wit' it
we got a coffin that'll fit you in it the bullets come wit' it
heard a nigga supposed to be on the stalk
so, now we takin caution when we walk
a lotta niggas could talk, they betta not be actin
nigga betta show me some affirmative action
cuz I'ma take it baby, mo' comin thru blastin
an innocent nigga you turn around and go back
cuz niggas that cross-fires, no lie
the motherfuckin' bullets fly by, be blinded
it's a helluva war so motherfucker bring it on bitch
hell yeah, we been ready for da longest
who you gonna caome wit'
yes, we said it, so nigga that die we got to be ready(ready)
got into the game just a little too deep
now motherfuckers on the creep, but i can't sleep
until my enemies rest in peace(rest in peace)

Runnin' wit' the AK-47 buckin heated heavy
Yeah, nigga love the way I wet 'em when I get up in 'em(repeat)

Verse 2:
Hey yeah, stacin my artillary shop
to the enemy we fuck up the cops
this shit'll kill 'em on the spot
throw 'em in the lake right over the rocks
and get the fuck away and don't get caught
ya betta hurry nigga, G-O for what ya N-O
so hoe come on, nigga wanna see if it's real, we got promos
stank 'em and tag 'em wit' the forty fo' magnum
get up inside 'em hit the spine, paralyze 'em
listen to the pistol when they whistle
spittin many missiles, splittin niggas to the gristle
hit 'em in the middle of the fo'head
is the motherfuckin hoe dead, oh yeah
reload it, M-11 9 millimeters in the front
pump, post up when we jump out and run
they in the trunk, i told you right in front my seat, i keep heat
you flamin up, the gat is right next to my feet
never know what i will pull out and shoot when I reach
and y'all ain't leavin the scene without bleedin
(stick it to 'em, nigga give it to 'em)however they want it
send it to us, send his role back, trust him.


Verse 3:
You don't wanna fuck wit' Thugline
now it's the end of the song
and I drunk the whole bottle
I been fuckin with the killa liquor
sippin hennessey and it got me the pen to see
the fuckin enemy that wanna put me deep
paranoia when I'm in the streets
bullet-proof, but they can get me underneath
or in the upper H-E-A-D
and I don't wanna be anotha casualty
so, I gotta be much quicker to release
screamin "Bloody murder!!"
makin motherfuckers eat the mauseberger
undertaker, nigga take 'em under to the wasteland
Leather-Face up in the place
ya betta pin that nigga Krayzie(Krayzie)
never mistake me for these lames that be fakin
playa-hatin, concentratin' , so we eliminatin
we erase 'em, erase 'em
yes, we erase, 'em erase 'em, erase 'em
yes, we erase 'em

If you wanna get fucked up
Nigga wanna get bucked up
Jump, if you wanna get fucked up
Nigga wanna get fucked up
Jump if you wanna get fucked up
Nigga wanna get bucked up