Dummy Man

Krayzie Bone


They call me the "Dummy Man" (man, man, man)
And I'm up early tryina slang my dope
(I'm the nigga with the biggest rocks)
The fiends...they get awfully mad....(mad, mad, mad)
When they go broke on dope and it's really soap
(My nigga you ain't never lied)

Verse 1:

Up in the morning....and I feel like I don't wanna be livin'
Better off dead without no bread....have you ever felt that feeling?
Unsatisfied, feelin' like you wanna die
When you reach into your pocket and can't even find
Not even enough to go purchase a dime (sack of weed)
But FUCK THAT!I got "come up" in my blood
Cause it's the "1st of the Month" (nigga what!)
The perfect time to come up
The only problem is: I'm broke and ain't got no dope
But as I was standin' in my bathroom mirror....I looked at the soap
Shit...soap look a little like dope (you scandalous nigga!)
Then, I chopped-chopped up me some counterfeit amphetamines
But wait a minute.....
Wait a minute now...what if they want to taste it?
Think quickly for cash: nigga dash to the kitchen, get the bread bag
Wrap that bread around some soap
Now I got the breadcrumb-dum-dum dope
It might sound funny, but it ain't no joke...
cause doin this shit could get a nigga smoked, mayn
But FUCK IT! Young nigga gotta get them duckets
Hit the medicine cabinet for the final touches...
Orajel for the numbness
Then I hit the corner with a handful of breadcrumbs...
nigga got the dum-dum for ya
And the pump on approach if you say it ain't dope,
only dealin cause I hate to be sober
Peep, "creep on ah come up", I wait for a fiend to roll up
And walk to the car with my hand on my pistol,
he showed me the green, said
"Holdup...gotta get my stash"
Nigga need a 20...but I got that faded
Lovin these yum-yums, glad I made it;
I just hope this nigga don't try to taste it!
I dropped him the dummy, he said it was lovely
But as he pulled off, I pinned that he put the rock up in his mouth
(So he gon' come back for his money!)
I pinned that he braked...he skid...
Put it in reverse and he came back quick...
Fiend jumped out and he talkin' all big...
This is what happened to this bit....
We beat him and finished him off, and he never came 'round here no more
Cause a nigga ran into yours truly: poor, and a nigga scored
Lord forgive me but i can't remember (the last time I ate)
Now I gots to go get me a plate, or a bit, now I'm proper
Only spent three dollars and forty-four cents,
nigga full, now I gotta get bent
Nigga still got sixteen dollars and fifty-six cents...HELL YEAH!
These dum-dums got a nigga off the hook..they got booked, took, shook
Look: got dope but it ain't dope, so I guess you can call me a "crooked crook"
Hey...do you know somebody like me?
I don't think so, cause ain't nobody I see
Down for the crime like I'm down for mine,
and if I gotta, nigga I cheat

Chorus (x2)

So fuck with me, I got the chops mayn (chops mayn)
The biggest rocks up on the block mayn (block mayn)
Say fuck with me, I got tha chops mayn (the chopper, choppers)
The biggest rocks up on the block mayn (block mayn {echo})