Sly We Fly

Kool Keith

featuring 'Noggin Nodders'

[Kool Keith]

I'm known to fence ya with my black mask MC's go to hell

[Noggin Nodders]

And I'm the obtuse and acute guy

I'm known as Motion Noggin Nodder

[Kool Keith]

My flow is so dark I open coffins like I'm Dracula

[Noggin Nodders]

And I'm that kid who raps about who what?

That guy whatever

We pull the drawers off girls who (sly we fly)

We washin gold and silver (sly, we fly)

We walk in clubs with sneakers (sly, we fly)

We look out windows and stare (sly, we fly)

We fly the planes ourselves (sly, we fly)

And if our records don't sell (sly, we fly)

[Kool Keith]

I put my MASK on, another night for the Phantom

I got the Halloween jack-o-latern

Yo ?, I know some kids funny Silly Putty PlayDoh

They wanna step to farms, and build a hay dough

I drag bodies on down the yellow brick road, like leprechauns

I come in comet killer mode

Yo grab your neck and your mail

with a WIC check, plus I inspect my roots

and walk in naked, with spirits and ouija board

I Shake-n-Bake it naked, like Betty Crocker

I use a black marker, I draw your face in a sketch

like a ARTISTE

Two broken arms from my shoulder have a piece

Yum yum, you know you welcome, come in dumb-dumb

Hey what's that smell down there? Look in the basement

Two eyes missin, next day, where your face went?

With Dolly Parton music playin in my pickup truck

My gold sandwich, a swigger liquor chewin duck

I got no taste, no salt, I need mayonnaise

I'm lookin at TV, lookin for good love, and some lovin

[Noggin Nodders]

We pull the drawers off girls who (sly, we