Ol' Time Killin' (featuring Allistair, BlackKat, Jully Black, Korry Deez & Wio-K)

Kardinall Offishall

INTRO [Korry Deez]
E'rebody ah talk 'bout sound killing
When they dun know, we are original sound killer
Fassyhole you know we
Anytime we start dance-dance a fi lock
Girl follow back a we
We have e'rething pon cock
Can't chant to we
We start dance from 19-o-long
Pick a only firefighter a we collect
A dub plate we have
Anytime we drop Kardinal, IRS and Wio
A blood clot big tune dat
[Kardinal Offishall]
Oh me oh me oh my (what)
Them a try run Mr. Kardi-ni, flavours you can't deny (what)
'Cause them Circle cats rhyme so fly
Them tracks stay do or die and (what) as (what)
When them write a murder song before a cats can't turn around
I jump and beg for they live (what)
Lick off a style, me-a-fi put dem all back
Rap from T-dot to the Bronx and Bricks and come back
(Will you wake me up?)
If an emcee step outta line,I feel them affi get cut up
But up, lick up, fist up, sound get brek up
Beat up and kick up until they boy start hiccup
(Girlfriend what's your name?)
How ya look, so sweet with your horse legs acting like you're strange
It's full time, now you come off on dat range
My name's Wio, bareback rhyming in the plains
Blessin' this, effortless, mess with this, eff with this
If you think you got a chance to dance with your devilish messages
Stressing this can only lead to battery
You rattle me, request to battle me I take as flattery
I see ya, grip your bible,I'm the lyrically homicidal idol
Who's liable to take your title with a single recital, it's vital
You respect the steez, I get vexed with ease
Don't make me ask you to respect me please
CHORUS [Jully Black & BlackKat?]
It's an old time, ol' time killing
We a deal with, run and get your money clip
For another day in another way
De man dem, nuh take the ray ray
We are a murderahs
Yo, 1-8-7
Cold blood I meant to do it ruthless
Knew it was murder since Da Grassroots produced it
Now we got some ax-murderers upon the track
Burning murder onto wax
So you can witness the attack, it's Black... Kat
The nigga who writes to burn flavour
So hype the Source should give us 5 mics and 2 turntables
We spitting this with beats so ridiculous
And rhyme style limitless, let's see if they can get with this
[Kardinal Offishall]
Wio - you're crazy, your tough talk don't amaze me
Imaginary gats busting just don't faze me
Lick a shot, wave your flag, gunfinga in the air
Headstone on your 12" says Mr. Kardinal and the Monolith was there
From '94 to now, the beats run wild in the East
Leaving 'nuff man decease, I got two middle fingers that's made for 5-0
Babylon fi get dust and let my people dem go
[Kardinal Offishall]
Call me a sound (killa), gut (filla), rhyme (spilla)
Don't date vanilla, hip hop guerilla
Mind (chilla), don't drink Miller Lite
Night thrilla, spite might fill ya
Bite and you invite with a recite to kill ya
[Wio -K]
The tox licker, shot licker
Girls flock quicker, since my crop got bigger
Get yanked like a glock trigger, just to make the plot thicker
Girls got thicker, I'm run up in the spot quicker
(Don't let them watch me so)
I'm the nigga your son really wants to chill with and know
You must think it's me that make that nigga act so
Vexed 'cause your church friends gossip on the low
(Wio - let me say)
Now for the people who don't know what's gwaning
They sleeping on the whole city, stretching in your heart
Not knowing that T-dot's about to shake your ass out your dreams
So (wake up) before you end up in a pine box
You better run go and get your money clip
[Jully Black]
Run go get your money clip
Run go get your money clip
The emcee killa, killa killa