Ease Off (featuring Mastermind)

Kardinall Offishall

[Kardinal Offishall]
Ease off the stage 'pression (ha)
"Aiyo, aiyo, missa, missa, missa, they won't embarrass it." (*laughing*)
Aight, 'You dun know' yeah, yeah
Kardinal Offishall 'You dun know'
Yeah, Figure IV, Mastermind (*laughs*)
Your murder sells sometimes for a little bit of money
Emcees make music, Kardinal makes history
My mic is like the tablets to most, dick to hos
Forty candles to rude boys in South Pole to poles
His clothes last about one eighth the expiration date
When Mastermind and Offishall innovate a mix tape style
Freestyles are for fuckin' with them freshmen type emcees
I'm your guidance consular sayin' to "Quit while your ahead!" (*echoes*)
Stop spittin' in my ear talkin about you got flows
Or you got a single out that your whole block knows
Cats buyin' their own product talkin' about its sold out
I walk through your hood steamin' and nigga its cold out (sssssss)
The dimensions of my dictation that keeps your dicks pacin'
Mastermind calibrations emphasizes what we statin'
I'm coming true giving the home girls what they desire
Rockin' in the dance hog I'm on them top I'm more fire (ahhhhh)
My style makes it higher, crisp bootys in the pants
And you know its Mr. Kardi from the time you take a glance
("Aiyo aiyo Kardi wsup with your deal nigga?")
Aiyo niggas suck my dick, Mastermind
Forty nine reppin' with the Circle click
Sign that bitch! (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Kardi-nal Offi-shal, stay tune for Mastermind (*laughs*)
Fifty, Silverhouse and the girl
'You dun know' (mmmmmmmm) Yeah!
Aaaaaight, get out of my ear with that bulshit (word up)
Circle click reppin' it world wide (*laughs*)