Mysteries (featuring Saukrates)

Kardinall Offishall

INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] {Saukrates}
Yo Sauks
{Yo what man, what up?}
Last night man, last night I was out by this club, yo
This man talking to me outside telling me how much he axe inside my ear
Trying to stress the F.O.S. brothers nawhatImean?
Know what I mean, talking about a whole bunch of de nuttin'
Yo check this out man
Yo check out what this go
Check this out like this
[Kardinal Offishall]
Niggas is it what you do?
Or what I'm thinking that I can accomplish?
Either way I'mma dog your shit, because you ain't a hit
Brother up there talking loud, you're rocking a crowd ain't nothing
Freestyling and so what in the world are you think you going to do
With that wack crew, your whole damn setup
F.O.S. should get wet up 'cause those niggas don't let up
Word up, they rock every show and they think they large
Y'all niggas y'all talk to every hoe and think that how it go
Well this is how it is, I'mma teach y'all nigs the biz
While you claim to know the street when there's a barrel to your cheek
Y'all niggas crying like you're sweeter than a box full of Pot of Gold chocolates
Let me really tell you how it should be told
Y'all niggas couldn't last up in the real world
With real G's get shot and lyrics don't mean shit to a cop
When y'all niggas do dat, for real dat one cap peel type shit
The Nonce brothers might quit
But until that point in time, keep going with your rhyme
And I'm come to every show and make sure I drop dimes
And yell aloud freestyle, in attempt to make you plop
'Cause my shit don't stop until y'all niggas drop
Word up
CHORUS X2 [Kardinal Offishall] {Female R&B}
You know it ain't right (right) {you know it ain't right]
Haters try to copy but they can't (right right)
{The mysteries in the night}
The mysteries in the night got me flipping, evil players got me dipping
Circle maintain outta sight (that's right)
[Kardinal Offishall] {Saukrates}
Yo Sauks, {what up?}
Niggas think we can't kick this shit for real
But I'mma let 'em know, quite how the show go
Up inside the T-dot, oh yes the flex is genuine
Ten individuals with the style imperial
And we might pull ya gal, word up that's the Offishall style
No doubt we in this to win this, I wrote the book and drink the Guinness
And we made a stack waiting for y'all niggas to finish
Your bitching, switching up your testimony every time
Talking other shit 'cause he couldn't fuck with the line
First we couldn't rap, now we can't get strapped
Brother I don't get down like that, but Super G got my back
And Y-Look got the headline, your girl got my waistline
In time you will see the F.O.S. niggys
Down straight from excellence, your pestilence
Keeps pushing us to the top, yo brother it don't stop
It don't stop y'all
[Kardinal Offishall]
Just because you keep calling my name, momma that you know
The Kardinal Mr. Lu doesn't run from a crew
Ask my man Choclair
If you test we'll tear your section in half to divide the aftermath
The Circle rocks hard to maintain our title
While you bustin' caps for nothing, we get paid for our recital
Bitch, do not ever mess with the squad, I told u it don't stop 'til they kill hip-hop
And even then we'll still rock for the heads that still with it
And even if it's one, we'll get the job done
Player, better wave your hands in the air
So your crew can get dropped, for real it don't stop
We'll still rock for the heads that still with it
And even if it's one we'll get the job done
Player, better wave your hands in the air
So your crew can get dropped, for real it don't stop
It don't stop y'all
OUTRO [Kardinal Offishall] {Female R&B}
Yeah yeah, on the Hill, come on
{Mysteries in the night}
Uh huh uh huh
Forever baby, to the year 2G, know what I'm saying
Word up we out
Like that and uh, like this and uh