Get It Poppin'

Jim Jones

(feat. Jha Jha, Princess)

[Jha Jha Verse]
Now I am fresh out of bail
harder flyer than a muthafuck
I dont do the ??
Sumthin like a rubber nut
Sumthin like a hustler
Got it runin through my blood
You aint bout dat money
Well honey I dont give a fuck
trynna ball wit a hoodie on
Cost about a stack
Got my booty shorts on but you cant see da stash

My shawty in da hood said he like it like dat
He put it on me good
and I throw it right back
Im a Playa
Ima pimp
I'll stick ya up for ya cheedar
And all ya chips
Gimme da keys
I want da Juice
Da credit cards, Da dogs and house too
Dey see Im doin me
Dey see Im gettin paid
I still be in da hood
Repersentin for da Days
Mercedes wanna hate
Try to stomp em
Ima Fake
O its all in da game
But im still gettin cake

[Hook (Jha Jha)]
If you a G
Lemme see
You aint gotta pay for da dinner
Its on me
Lets get it poppin shawty
Lets get it poppin shawty
I get it poppin shawty
Lets get it poppin shawty

[Hook (Jim Jones)]
We got da cash (Flossin')
Buy out da bars(Ballin')
Drop da tops out da celing
You see da stars (Uh)
We get it poppin shawty (Uh)
I get it poppin shawty (Uh)
We get it poppin shawty (Uh)
We get it poppin shawty (Uh)

[Jim Jones Verse]
Now what bitch dont want me (Who)
Young rich G (Ballin')
Gun beneath da seat
Pushin a hundred on da V (Speedin')
Hand on da rocks two seater what you call dat (Foul)
Lambergini drop
Two divas how ya solve dat (Get Em)
Easy Just loosen up da bra strap
Make em feel sexy
Push dat seat to da coupe back (da celing's missin)
And den you let da breeze do da four play Caress her a little
And den you let da V do da horseplay
Turn da city streets to a horse race
Burn rubber (Vroom)
And word motha I got no cover Hoes love us (Dey love us doe)
And I only fear da Lord above us (Gratefully)
So if you want me come and get me
Make it good muhfucka (I'm neva scared)
Tell da hatas cuff at dat (Chea)
I play wit paper by da ten stack (Cakin)
I love ladies wit a shoe fettish (HA HA)
I tell her baby I got a coupe fettish (You hear dat)
You wanna ride wit a G

[Both hooks]

[Princess Verse]
Now bout to get it poppin
If you ready for us
Startin wit dem shoppin sprees
Im givin honts so dey know it
Who said love dont cost a thing
Im from da city where da chicks are thick
Blingin on dey neck and wrist
And niggas poppin bottles
While da ladies rock dey hips
You get to know me and i'll teach you somethin
To go from lil money flossin
To doin super stuntin
Im always griindin so Im gettin money
Stick wit me and you'll go far
Dem otha chicks dey come a dime a dozen
You say dat you a G
Well nigga let me see
I'll take you places where you neva thought dat you would be
I got a sassy mouth
And yea I'm from da south
And you could tell because you see my ass and hips poked out
I'm best dressed no doubt
Lets go it aint no thang
Princess im da chick
And dont forget my name
And this here wont change
You betta sho respect
Or we'll really get it poppin
Jha Jha, Crime Mob, and Dipset

[Both Hooks once]