Certified Gangstas

Jim Jones

[Verse One]

RIP Eazy E

We ride on that westside

City where them tanks fly

We ride on that westside

No seeds in our stresslife

Jim Jones swervin, I got the purple and blue

Tank grip on the Escalade Pole

Yeah, Harlem just like Compton

That's just how I roll

Red bandana wrapped around the chrome 44

Gun smokin like Suge's cigar

Show me how you stunt, get thrown out of a movin car

If that thang come out, it's murda she wrote

If Doc come out, it's 30 Impalas on the boat

Nigga do this everyday

Llamas under the thermal, Weight(wait)in by your stairs like Mary J(ane)

Beat niggas ride dirty like Jazzy Phey

Cash is clay, knock a nigga out on the ave today

Bring the Mack your way

Me and Santana blowin in the crowd like Donny Hathaway

Westside Blood Gang niggas know what I'm about

And they know I'm Ruff Rydin so they knock theyself out


Now I ride with my vest, 45 and my Tech

Big 4 and a 64 like I'm in the west

Not petrified to put 5 in ya chest

Cause, we certified gangstas

Stash the mill in the house

And I kill in the drought

Pass the shit, when I pump game chrome in the south

Ice grill like a nice meal in my mouth

Cause, we certified gangstas

[Verse 2]

You know I keep my eyes wide

Eastside high risers, westside low riders

Vest with the 45, yes I'm fo sho fire

DIP slow the ride

See police, slow the ride

See squad nigga

Switchin 4 lanes

See my niggas that bang

In the middle of the jets while they bitchin roll caine

G'd up, posted up on the turf

Long Johns and some jeans, fuck a button up shirt

Compton, see the blockers they bangin

My ghetto passage good, be the blocks where they slangin

Houston Purple Potion I sip

So I'm fuckin up my music is a roaster with Flip

NY, you know the city is ours

You know I be the Gotti, we the niggas with power

As we ride, he screamed out eastside

All the time is our reply