Crunk Music

Jim Jones

[Intro: Juelz Santana]

YEAH! AY! Dip-Set bitch! Come on..

Black-out, lets do it..

Dip, dip-set!

Dip, dip, dip, dip-s

Dip, dip, dip, dip-s

Dip, dip, dip, dip

[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]

Now this here is that bomb diggy (diggy)

Diggy dang, the dons with me

Killa, he'll a nigga you thinkin' harming me

Capo's corrupted (yop), he's wrong vato to fuck wit (yop)

Labeled and known as a young Pac to the public

And me, Human Crack in the flesh (flesh)

I'm the last of the best (best)

One word to describe me (what!), spectacular, YES!

So stay calm shorty, when you see that palmed .40 (.40?)

I'll pop it slow, you'll rock and roll, like Bon Jovi

So don't fool with the click (AY!)

Don't fool with the Dips (AY!)

You will die, you will lie in a pool full of shit (AY!)

When that gun with the clip in (what)

Start dumpin' and rippin', (yop)

At ya'll head, ya'll some dead summamabitches (AY!)

You give a chick hard dick and bubblegum (AY!)

I give a chick a hard brick and bubble-yum (AY!)

Like here, take that, shake that, break that (ay!)

In half and please bring my cake back

[Chorus: 1. Juelz Santana 2. Jim Jones] (repeat 2x)

1. You kow what the movements like

1. You know how movin', right

1. Move, cause we in the mood to fight

2. This is that get crunk move bitch

2. Get drunk stupid

2. Hot like steaks, .45 on waist

[Verse 2: Jim Jones]

This is that bang, bang, bang

To my hooligan, gang

While you movin' them thangs

And ya toolies go blast (silence)

Call me Richochet Rabbit

Cause I click and spray matics

And my niggaz straight savage (Gonnies!)

Penelope pump let off six whole rounds (boom!)

'Fore (boom!) one (boom!) shell (boom!) hit (boom!) the (boom!) ground

In the hood he known as a Capo

To the goons and the heights its all tato (TATO!)

Aint gotta know me some vato

In the heights to move on some pato (demelo)

Ok muchacho, they told me that you g