Wear Out The Turnpike

Jim Croce

There's ice and snow on the northern roads

And the Jersey Pike is closed

Have to go and do some drivin' tonight

They say I'd be a fool if I would ride those icy roads

But a little storm ain't stoppin' me tonight


I'm gonna wear out the turnpike

Rack up those miles

Keep this rig a rollin', I'm in it every mile

'Cause she's in Oklahoma and

I'm up in Maine

So diesel sing a song that will bring me home again

Doodle doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

Doodle doo doo doo

There's a red light turnin' behind me

There's a trooper on my tail

I can tell I won't get to New York town on time

If he decides to pull me over

And if he get's me on the scale

I'm gonna have to tell a tale or take a fine


With the snow against my windshield

I will run on through the night

There's not stoppin' me once I hit the road

Cause the turnpike's like my second home

And I know it like my hand

So diesel sing a song that'll bring me home again


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