The Man That Is Me

Jim Croce

I'm a dreamer by nature

And I've always been tryin'

To dream myself out of this world that I'm in

In my dreams I escape all the troubles around

And it hasn't cost a penny

For the pleasures I've found


What is the part

That I'll play today

Beggar, a bus'ness man, king for a day?

I've played many parts

And I'm the first to agree

That I'm still lookin' round for the man that is me

I'm a dreamer by nature

And I've always been

Looking for something not there

My financial position

Don't bother my dreams

'Cause in fairy tale money

I'm my own millionaire


I'm a rich man in dreams

But in real life I've hid

From the fact that I've got me a wife and a kid

If I lose what I've got

Then they lose it too

Tell me what in this world's a poor dreamer to do


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