Yeah, Yeah
JG, Yeah
Okay I′m done with all that fake shit
Y'all rappers fake like facelifts
I roll blunts and take great hits
I′m Megatron when I makeshift
Y'all made me pissed
Fuck yo top ten list
I spit this flow so crisp
My wrist it cost about six

I can't compare all these rappers and trappers they on they knackers
My shit is universal and out of body spectacular
Imma mother fucking monster I take whatever and conquer
A big stompa thermometers couldn′t read what I′m on
And Im gutting tracks
Put it back in one place like nothing happened
Been a G so long that the O comes in front, like it's magic
It′s tragic I'm causing traffic I mastered the flow I crafted
A bastard to making classics
The illest and symptomatic

′Cause I'm killing shit
Pull the beamer right out the dealership
Scientific chopping samples just like J Dilla did
Homie I′m feeling it, hopefully you hearing it
I end ya life in one sentence just like a period

93 'Til infinity rapping harder than lemon squeeze
Good beats, word play, and verses the holy trinity
Prayers imma rap for the masses just like a ministry
So sleep is the cousin of death, so check the imagery
Yeah, you can't stop me
I′m confident and cocky
These haters wanna mock me in reality they copy
Bitch I′m moving at mach speed
Untouchable bitch I'm Posse
Prolific I′m built with greatness the latest
I disembody beats, bitch.

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