Still Working

Jason Mraz

Well, I never dreamed I'd be 23
and in love with a lovely, funny fool
and I never dreamed I'd be older than me,
but tomorrow is coming soon

You're still working the day shift
and it sucks according to Freud
Boy, oh boy, your dreams they are sexual scenes,
they are perverted indeed
and girl, oh girl, your fashonable world
exists only in pages of a magazine.

You're still working the graveyard shift
and it sucks too, according to me and you
Who gives a damn 'bout the master plan?
I'm only begining to understand
well, who gives a shit who goes down for it?
I say we throw up our hands and quit

You're still working your boss like a champ,
he has no idea what you steal,
you steal steal steal, you steal steal,
oh, steal me away I say
I've got nothing to do, I just sleep all day
and daydream for hours of your passionate flower
and wonder what makes a pretty face

We're still working our comic routine
behind the laugh tracks on CD,
a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
another notch on the lifeline, baby
and here we go
and here we go..

and here we go..

and here we go..

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