Piss On The Wall

J. Geils Band

Now some people think the world is what it ain't

To some I'm a sinner, to others a saint

Some folks say the world ain't what is is

All I know is I just got to take a wiz

Where am I goin' and where have I been

My head's in the clouds and my tail's in a spin

Jumpin' out of planes for the thrill of it all

Then I bounce back and take a Piss On The Wall

Politics - Shmolitics

They oughta save their breath

Mean streak - blue streak

They sentence me to death

Harangue me from a tree

Twist and shout until I crawl

Do the flip - do the flop

Piss On The Wall

Well the Yanks hate the Reds

And the Greeks hate the Turks

I really hate to say it

But they're all a bunch of jerks

Seems like everybody's shakin'

'Cause the big one's 'bout to fall

I'm just tryin' to hold it steady while I

Piss On The Wall