Angel In Blue

J. Geils Band

ANGEL IN BLUEJ. Geils Band We met in a barOut on Chesapeake Bay With her white patent bootsAnd her blouse red lameA table top dancerShe would smile on cueOh those lips of an angel Angel in blueShe'd been dancin for agesThrough cities of barsShe was kickin' the habit Of scoring in carsShe'd been drained of her spiritAll caged up in this zooA wild cat angelAngel in blueAnd as she stared out into nowhereI thought yes I thought she might break down and cry Oh when I whispered I thought I could love herShe just said, "Baby don't even bother to try"And I watched as she spokeHer words chilled my bonesAll her friends did her favorsThat were really just loansAnd she never had dreamsSo they never came trueOh the palest of angelsAngel in blueAnd the bees they had stung herThe birds they had flownThere were guys she could numberBut none had she knownAnd she never had dreams So they never came trueOh my fade away angelAngel in blueAngel in blueAngel in blueAngel in blue