Kwek Kwek Kwek

Iwan Fals

Kawan apa kabar mu, kawan kemana kamu

Kawan apa kabar mu, kawan dimana kamu

Bingung-bingung dia bingung, kawan ku bingung

Pusing-pusing dia pusing, kawan ku pusing

Minggat-minggat dia minggat, kawan ku minggat


Pacar apa kabar mu, pacar kenapa kamu

Pacar apa kabar mu, pacar apa mau mu

Senyum-senyum tersenyum, pacar ku tersenyum

Manja-manja sangat manja, pacar ku manja

Kwek-kwek...kwek-kwek cerewet, pacar ku cerewet


Tuan apa kabar mu, tuan siapa kamu

Tuan apa kabar mu, tuan mana janji mu

Ta - ta - ta - ta perintah, senang merintah

Cat - cat - cat - cat memecat, senang memecat

Si - si - si - si korupsi, senang korupsi



Iwan Fals, born Virgiawan Listanto on 3 September 1961 in Jakarta, is a charismatic Indonesian singer/songwriter and remembered as Indonesia's the most dangerous singer on the '80s and '90s.

He was popular for his gritty-witty ballads accentuated on life of Indonesia's marginalized groups or political satire on the troubled Indonesian social/political scene under Soeharto. His socially aware hit-songs including: "Oemar Bakri" tells about teacher ... selengkapnya

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