Indigo Girls


do you love me

do you think about it

will you say

turning brushwood

into blazes

turning summer grass

into hay

turning sharply

past the graveyard

to the lakefront

with the black waves

licking up the stones

to the swayed back

screened in front porch

who could ever stay the weight

of flesh and bones


aren't you tired

from the sun and rain

and river soaking you

from the beer cans

on your dashboard

and the bullet hole

glass spiderweb

staining your rear view

i have watched you

watch an empty road

is it only her

upon which you all

of you is depending

to fill your twenty

hour work day

while all the fences

in this county still need mending


and in the night

i do my checking

and fix the broken parts

with visions of rare beauty

but in my heart i know i'm second

forever fixed in your pursuit

it is my duty



will you toss me

a little scrap of something

that i can taste

instead of dust from

all the leaving

and the smell of summer

lying here to waste

under the burnt pyre

of all the cast away

the tiny shoots will spring

like questions

will you take me

out to the fenced hill

sprinkled with horses

wild in resistence to the taming

will you break me

will you break me

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