All That We Let In

Indigo Girls


Dust in our eyes
Our own boots kicked up
Heartsick we nurse along the way we picked up
You may not see it when it's stickin' to your skin
But we're better off for all that we let in

We've lost friends and loved ones much too young
With so much promise and work left undone
When all that guards is a single centered line
And the brutal crossing over when it's time

Well I don't know where it all begins
And I don't know where it all ends
We're better off for all that we let in

One day those toughies will be withered up and bent
The father, son, the holy warriors, and the president
The glory days of put-up dukes for all the world to see
Beaten into submission in the name of the free

We're in an evolution I have heard it said
Everyone's so busy now but do we move ahead?
Planets hurling and atoms splitting
And a sweater for your love you sit there knitting


See those crosses on the side of the road
Tied with ribbons in the median
They make me grateful I can go this mile
Lay me down at night and wake me up again

Kat writes a poem and she sticks it on my truck
We don't believe in war and we don't believe in luck
Birds were callin' to her
What were they saying?
As the gate blew open and the tops of the trees were swaying

I pass the cemetary walk my dog down there
I read the names in stone and I say a silent prayer
When I get home you're cooking supper on the stove
And the greatest gift of life is to know love


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