In Flames


I often dream of huge numb buildings

jet-black sinister architecture

being installed when nobody sees

Their appearance so sudden

that few would take notice

And when I wake up

I imagine being crushed by one

imagining its weight its silence

and the absence of excuses for a havoced life

and the privilege of a 22-kilometre tombstone


A body of black

that carried no reflection

defying its own room

un-earthly eggs of decreation

There would be colonies

mushroom-scattered forever out of context

rising spores from a dying world

to pollute to chase away what´s left

Sun-white pulverised desert stone

and serpentine lizard mouths

Pales away the pyramids

rewriting 4500 years of history

raping the statue of liberty

outplays the acropolis

inverting the fjords

invades the n y skyline to

dream its own existence in one single final word


Can we identify them

as the flint buried in our reptile skulls

or the time-bomb coded in our dna