Borders And Shading

In Flames

Take a knife and carve it in,

Want to see your faults,

As a part, of your pretty skin,

Everyone has a tragedy,

I want you to wear yours in pain

Oblivion, can no longer shade you,

Reminded by the tattered tissue

(blend in)

Bleak silence

Errors stigmatized in you,

A weak worn out friend

There's nothing left for me,

Again and again

Your face reminds me of a bleak future,

Despite, the absence of hope,

I give you this sacrifice

You're so far, behind

Be my hero,

Drift away,

Save yourself,

Don't end up zero,

I will crawl,

into your vault,

past snakes, and all of your thoughts,

living, fearless,

Your world inside slowly redesigned

I deny any reminisce of us

I'm on a new mission

I find myself in the future

A trace of the past cannot be found