The Math

Hilary Duff

Youre always trin' 2 figure out
wat i m all about
if u dont no wat the answeris
ten just shut up & kiss

it shouldnt take 4 ever
2 pt it all 2gether

If u cant do the math
then get out of the equation
i m calling u back
this is *69

is it a muinus or a plus
does enogh equal enough
if u cantdo the math
then nothing adds up tell me y im tell me y im here

sure i want some1 2 understand
but i dont need the stress
im not about being analized
like its some kind of test

dont have to be a genius 2 figure whats beetwen us


you can spen ur hole life analizing
justifing quantifing & dividing till theres nothing any more
why dont u just close ur eyes
& kiss mi lips & let it go
just let it flow
thats wat im wating 4

dont hav 2 b a geinus
2 figure whats beetween us

chourus 2x

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