Hilary Duff

Everyone knows that I'm ten feet under
Till you come along and brighten my day
Everyone knows that you kill the thunder
The roarin' in my brain
Has given me the strength
To see you right through the haze

Shine, come on and let it shine
Light me up, make me feel alive
You've got what it takes (shine on me today)
Shine, and only you know how
to lift my spirit off the ground
And chase those clouds away

Shine on me today
When everything's wrong
I just pick the phone up
The sound of your voice really fills my eyes
With tears of joy
Cause I know you'll be there
When I'm hanging by a thread
You're my heaven sent


Oh, you have this way of making me feel like I can fly
You're underneath my wings
So I won't free fall out of the sky
You're always there to save me
You know ya save me


come on and shine, shine
shine on me, shine on me, shine on me today
shine on me today
everyone knows that I'm 10 feet under
till you come along and brighten my world

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