Love Song For Jeffrey

Helen Reddy

And do I love you ?

Well I know I really try;

Thinking of you;

Loving the sunshine in your eyes.

And when I falter,

Bringing you grief

Does it alter your feeling for me ?

Oh baby can't you see ?

That we're sharing,

All the ups we have in life,

While comparing,

All the downs that we've survived.

But how much stronger

Our love becomes.

And the longer we're living as one,

The more we'll overcome.

And I have lived the greatest love song,

That my singer's years have ever heard.

You make this weary woman happy.

I overflow, it's cause I know

You wouldn't trade me,

For the moon inside a jar

For you've made me

Both the moon and the stars

And in our twilight,

We will recall, that the highlight

For us in this world,

Was having dreams come true.

I'm so comfortable with you.

Jeff, you've made my dreams come true.

Here's a love song just for you.