Keep On Singing

Helen Reddy


Helen Reddy

(Keep on singing don't stop singing)

(You're gonna be a star some day)

(You're gonna make a lot of people happy)

(When they come to hear you play)

I don't remember mama

She died when I was born

We lived in a one room shanty

But daddy tried to make it a home

When I was only six years old

I started singing in the streets

People would throw me pennies

So I could daddy make ends meet

They said


Keep on singing

Don't stop singing

You're gonna be a star someday

You're gonna make a lot of people happy

When they come to hear you play

They said keep on singin

Keep the bells a ringin

Spread the music from town to town

There's not enough song in this old world

So spread your song around

By the time I was 10 years old

I had a rock n roll band

Daddy's eyes were growing dim

But I didn't understand

He said he would be so proud of me

Each time he'd hear us play

At night he'd pull me to his side

And daddy would always say


He didn't have much money

But things didn't seem so bad

I felt just like the queen of the world

When I was with my dad

Then one rainy April night

Daddy called me to his side

He held me with his tremblin hands

Right before he died