Coming Down

Hate Dept.

Seeing ourselves in a magazine makes us proud

So everyone grabs a brush like me

The silver paint looks great on the inside of this fucking cloud

The beat gets bigger and the dream does too

If a radio man has a vision for you but if he's drunk or deaf

Or in disguise like the rest then we'll do best if we screw one another

We felt so cool I felt so high but I'm coming down now

I'm coming down now the high is over I'm coming down now I feel so sober

So many places so many blank faces waiting to be told what's cool and what to be into

Could jump off a bridge to make MTV or overdose to qualify

As a rock star the place ain't packed the place ain't jumping our tunes are wack

And bad attitude's pumpin' the fantasy factory is cranking out lies take it

From a sucker who's locked on the inside

Want to be cool? Want to get high? Go ahead I'm coming down now