Beat Me Up

Hate Dept.

hit hard like a missile.

stop breathing live a little.

take my money, take my soul.

we're not brothers, asshole.

give all, you've got cut deep.

rip meat, make me bleed, i won't scream.

fuck me up, i know you know what i mean.

beat me up.

take aim, take a shot,

go ahead pull the trigger.

don't threaten. don't squirm.

do it right. burn. kick teeth,

break bones, use your hands,

sticks and stones.

don't comtemplate, don't think.

just know it'll make you feel better.

beat me up.

kill, annihilate, crush, twist, smash,

pull, swing and demoralize.

no values, no heart, no life, no hope,

no guilt no brain, just hate and no shame.

beat me up.