This Too Shall Pass


Is it picking at you day and night?

Do you stare through the emptiness?

Do the days fly by like the wind blows?

Leaving you breathless.

You've done it now.

You've tied your noose.

You've got no reason trying anymore.

Because it's no use.

Do you wake up to the sun that never shines on you?

Do you pray for better days

to this god who's never smiled on you?

Do you wish each day was your last?

This too shall pass.

Don't get buried by your past.

When it comes back around.

Just leave your ghosts.

Leave them sleeping.

Don't take the sunrise for granted.

Don't let frustration pull you down.

Turn away from that rearview mirror.

Look straight ahead.

Don't throw your life away.

Because sometimes you're all that you got.