Tempting Fate


We hold the knife

that cuts this thread of life so short.

Round up these precious little

and kill it off for sport.

We all want world peace.

But we all want our guns

just in case of what we're not sure.

But a simple lie or a twist of fate

won't make us hesitate.

We're the cause and effect.

All we deny and forget.

Won't disappear if

we turn our eyes away.

We're tempting fate

to bring us closer to God.

He turns away in shame.

All these burdens born

come crashing down.

With no one left to blame.

Losing grip with humanity.

We look not upon our faults.

We just laugh them off

like some sort of joke.

And exploit all we've lost.

Our tragic downfall

is yet to be revealed.

But our tragic downfall

is among us.

Pointing fingers makes for a better time.

Don't let that become us.

Reap what we sow.

Harvest hatred and woe.