What Would Jesse James Say

Granger Smith

I don't hang around town
I never keep my landing gear down
I love a good motel and
the burnin smell of wheels on ground
I don't go where I go just cause theres money on the road
It's a ramblin way just to see the day as it was long ago

I got holes in the soles of my red wing boots
A long way to go before the day is through
My back to the wind, scruff on my chin
My hat pulled down low
And I got 300 horses beneath my hood
More stars at night than in Hollywood
The road lets me be a hawk on the breeze
It just goes on and on
Like an outlaw on the run, My guitar for a gun
If he was only here today
What would Jesse James say?

I've seen little cafes
blown through towns with no names
I've put gas in my truck
with the last couple bucks from a jar on the stage
there a girl that I need
but she probably gonna leave
oh but shes not to blame any girl do the same
with a drifter like me

Runnin' hard beneath big black sky
theres no one else in the desert tonight
I got the fever runnin through my viens
I wonder if he felt the same

What would Jesse James Say?