Just Add Tequila

Granger Smith

There's a dead end job I've worked for way too long
There's a check engine light that just checked on
There's a girl at home who says I can't do nothing right
And that's why I came in here tonight
There's some boys in here that know what I'm going through
So bartender let me tell you what to do

Just add tequila so we can taste the feeling of rocking Acapulco for the weekend
Yea, there's no better way to loosen up than singing margaritas
If life gives you lemons make lemonade
Just add tequila

There's another cold front blowing in tonight
There's a weather man who's barely ever right
From where I'm sitting, man, it's warming up
The only thing that worries me is an empty cup
So I'll have another one of those little umbrella things
No, it really don't matter what's in the drink

So if she calls here, wondering where I've been tonight
Tell her I left town and that won't be a lie

Just add tequila