Thing On A Spring


Oh, if you say that you are over me

Then i guess i'm over you

And if you've found out why it hurts so bad

Then let me find out too

I never leared about the endings

Nobody told me of the truth

No one will last me for a lifetime

No one will ever be like you

And you can tell me stories

Of beauty and of glow

I'll find out when you're lying

But not ever when I am dying

Please, don't be a stranger to this body

Tell it about that sweet embrace

Give it the pleasure to be wanted

Give it whatever love it takes

What if I miss your eyes

What can you give me in return

What can a song like this be doing

What if you hear it and then you turn

Away from all these stories

Of beauty and of glow

You will find out when I'm lying

But not ever when I'm crying