Not In My Palace


Maybe its too easily fit,

no problems are as hard as before

Look for me under the pillows

hiding from self-created danger

Sucking the dust

For what's left

Well go on

I'm the last to know

But don't ask me if it hurts,

for I don't know

I've lost sense of pain

or I just don't give a damn

What do you care anyway,

you always second-hand me

I'm like a spare tire

who is used,

when the first one breaks

Sorry if I'm out of style,

I never meant to be in your way

Tell me when I'm gone too far,

I slipped and I grabbed the first thing,

I could find you

I would have done the same,

I looked out of the window,

But I've been away for too long this time

Probably I'm too blame,

for almost everything

I know sometimes I behave like a monster,

but please don't walk away

You can keep me in your basement

As long as I can be with you

I'm pleased with that