The Real Thing

Faith No More

I know the feeling

It is the real thing

The essence of teh truth

The perfect moment

That golden moment

I know you feel it too

I know the feeling

It is the real thing

You can't refuse the embrace...

It's like the pattern below the skin

You gotta reach out and pull it all in

And you feel like you're too close

So you swallow another dose

The pinnacle of happiness

Filling up your soul

You don't think you can take any more

You never wanna let go

To touch the roots of experience

The most basic ingredients

Toi see the unseen glitter of life

And feel the dirt, grief, anger and strife

Cherish the certainty of now

It kills you a bit at a time

cradle the inspiration

It will leave you writhing on the floor...

This is so unreal, what I feel

This nourishment, life is bent

Into a shape I can hold

A twist of fate, all my own

Just grit your teeth, make no sound

Take a step away and look around

Just clench your fist and close your eyes

Look deep inside, hypnotize

The whisper is but a shout

That's what it is all about

Yes, the ecstasy, you can pray

You will never let it slip away

Like the sacred song that someone sings through you

Like the flesh so warm that the thorn sticks into

Like the dream one day you know will come to life

Try to hold on just a little longer, stronger

It's the jewel of victory

The chasm of misery

And once you have bitten the core

You will always know the flavour

The split second of divinity

You drink up the sky

All of heaven is in your arms

You know the reason why

It's right there, all by itself

And what you are, there is nothing else

You're growing a life within a life

The lips of wonder kiss you inside

And when it's over the feeling remains

It all comes down to this

The smoke clears, I see what it is

That made me feel this way

This is so unreal, what I feel

Flood, sell your soul, feel the blood