The Crow That Wheeps

Faith No More

I jerk every night, after midnight,

it takes quite a while but i cum.

Its great when your jerking around like that

so lets all jerk off tonight!

now maim and destroy,

every girl every boy,

decamate, violate, desecrate,

exterminate, obliviate, demolish... kill!

i have big hairy nut sacks,

floating in the sea of spring x3

i watch my left nut,

bigger then the right,

saggin low,

jerking slow.

Now i speak to walls of woe,

ask them now, maybe they know,

what was asked the day before,

when we started this romance,

you looked at me, and i at you and you said:


So suck my juice, right out of my ass,

lick the inside clean,

let me eat shit fried with vinigerate sauce,

and let me sleeze your spleen.

Gui has a small one!