Emerson Drive

Boy and girl fall in love, startin' out, just enough
Pocket change, lean 'n green, first and last, security
Newlyweds, overheads, all we really had was each other
All of the family and most of our friends
Said it was over before it began
As time goes on, we're provin' 'em wrong
We're still together, and...

Real love will survive
Devil of defeat, better step aside
Real love will survive
If ya need a witness
Me and my little misses
We can testify

Made a move, neighborhood, lookin' up, lookin' good
Saving money everyday, gettin' out of layaway
Baby boys, lots of toys, man, I gotta say this is livin'
No, I'm not sayin' it's been perfect at all
We've had our times we hit the wall
We backed it on up, yeah, we knocked off the dust
And kept on diggin'

(Repeat chorus x 2)