Emerson Drive

She was sittin' on a park bench

Feedin' pigeons on Beacon Hill

I was takin' my dog Jack out for a run

We had a little time to kill

I still don't know if it was Jack or me

That somehow caught her eye

But the next thing I knew we were sittin' there talkin'

Laughin' into the night

And from that moment on

She never left my side

Those autumn nights were long

She was the first love of my life


I still can feel the softness of her hair

Fallin' on my face

My arms all around her

There's always somethin' 'bout this time of year

That takes me to that place

And I remember

(Yes, I remember)


Oh yeah

She was workin' her way through school

Waitin' tables at the Hungry Eye

I was playin' a club down on the waterfront

Afterward she'd come by

Around 3 AM we'd grab some takeout

In the heart of Chinatown

And we'd hang out and stay up all night long

Just talkin' and messin' around

I never would have dreamed

We'd ever say goodbye

She felt like the sun to me

On those cold November nights

(Repeat chorus)

Lookin' back I can't explain

What happened on that dark December day

I guess we were just two kids

Going different ways

(Repeat chorus)