It's All About You

Emerson Drive

Come here baby Yeah

I told you when I met you
I'd do anythang it took to get ya
But you never thought I'd ever take it this far
I work two jobs and that's not all
I've made up my mind
To dedicate my whole life to your life
Baby, you're a superstar

It's all about you
Everything that I do
It's all about you
My mission in life
My purpose on Earth
To make sure
You get all the love you deserve
It's all about you

I buy a dozen roses
Box of chocolates
Get you tickets to the opera, Pavorotti
And the monster truck show
I'll take you on a Caribbean cruise
Buy you a hundred pairs of new shoes
Dress you up
Diamonds, Pearls
And all that stuff


Do what you gotta do
Don't worry about me
As long as I got you
That's all I need

Ain't no one, no where, no how, no way
No man going to work harder for you
Any day, Baby


It's all about you