Panther Woman


She stalk the night, a loner Black jeans,
black shirt, black sneakers
She's on the prowl, so just beware
Her eyes are pools of darkness
Her faces a mask of stillness
Her heart's a mystery, under key
Don't ask her where she's going
Don't ask her where she's been
This panther's mean and hungry
Her claws are sheaced but
They're still keen
(The rain falls hard, the wind bites)
(No moon, no star, just streetlights)
(If she's cold, she doesn't care)
In her wallet lies a photo
Could be her ?
Why did she change ?
Such fire, such passion
Where did it go
Panther woman
Come inside and break the ice
Love is cruel
But it can be so very nice
Panther woman, her me talking (Hey black panther)
Life is strange
Don't make it stranger
You turn away
You heart's in danger