One, two, three

Yeah, she′s in love with the conceptAs if we're all just how she imagined
′Cause we're in love but just don't know it yet
Well, tell me how I′m supposed to see the magic

′Cause I don't believe in it no more
But I won′t tell her
'Cause I always imagined
It′s easier if she thinks she won
So Imma' let her

And she said
"I don′t think I love you no more."
"You never seem to call me lately"
Girl, I don't think you know me at all
'Cause I never thought I′d have to say this

No, I don′t love you, and I never did
Look at us burning down in flames for kicks
But just know
I'm not singing for your XO
I′m just singing 'cause it′s over, yeah


Came and went like the summertime
Is that a sunset or sunrise?
Looking back like where'd the time go
So much for trying to keep this moving slow
′Cause I don't believe in her no more
But I remember

How we talked shit like we knew what we wanted, and
I still remember what she said

"I don't think I love you no more"
"You never seem to call me lately"
But I don′t think she knew me at all
′Cause I never thought I'd have to say this
But I′m no liar
And I never hid anything
You should've seen it coming to this, just know
I′m not singing for an EX though
I'm just singing ′cause it's over

Yeah, Yeah