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There are at least 9 bands called Eden:

1. - Eden. Producer from North London. Released debut EP 'The Feeling' in 2012. For all enquiries: josh@lilaclondon.com. https://soundcloud.com/edenuk

2. - A metal band from Blackpool, England with evil riffs and a general evil feel. Chaos brews with these chaps.

3. Irish singer, songwriter and producer from Dublin with pop, rock, electronic, indie and acoustic elements. Sometimes stylised as The Eden Project, EDEN MCMXCV and other variations. soundcloud.com/eden-mcmxcv

4. - A South African boy band, singing in both English and Afrikaans.

5. - Australia's Eden charted a territory of gothic lavishly expressive music with dark lyrical content and beautifully constructed instrumentation.
Original member Pieter Bourke has gone on to collaborate with Lisa Gerrard (of Dead Can Dance) on her solo albums, while Eden founder Seán Bowley has embarked on a solo career.

So the Australian band Eden essentially is singer/songwriter Seán Bowley. The band is a vehicle through which he projects his songwriting and exploration of creative visions. Seán says that his songs are his perceptive diary.
"At the end of the day, I would simply like to give something back for all that I've received."

Eden's music is rather atmospheric, and is influenced by a wide variety of styles. Traces of psychedelic rock, Arabic and Indian music form an exotic and moody athmosphere.
More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eden_(Australian_band)
6. - A German symphonic progressive rock band.

7. - A four-member RnB-influenced vocal group who represented Israel in the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Yom Huledet" ("Happy Birthday").

8. - A Belgian female rock band, centered around the vocals of Roos Van Acker and Sofie Buyck.
After a few years of rehearsals under the name "The Sugarbrides", their debut single was the well-received song "My Boat" in 1996.
The band Eden broke through after a three-year-long period of deliberation, with the album "Seafood".
This debut album was preceded by the single "Star", which got a lot of attention through the accompanying video, in which the two female singers basically slaughter a Japanese sushi-lady. The music on the album still contained short and catchy pop-rock tunes, although the lyrics were a little more naughty than with The Sugarbrides.

Roos van Acker also got involved in activities as a VJ for the Belgian music channel TMF and radioshowhost on Studio Brussel. In October 2000, she announced herself leaving the band, citing "lack of time" and some differences of opinion about the direction the band was heading in. The other members, however, declared they'll continue with Eden.

Bandmembers :
- Roos Van Acker - Vocals (until October 2000)
- Sofie Buyck - Vocals
- Tyl Dekeyser - Guitar
- Mario Rombaut - Guitar
- Lieven van Hyfte - Bass
- Philip Madou - Drums

9. - A German gothic rock band, formed in 2006.

10. - A Welsh language three-piece female vocal group.

11. - A Spanish power metal band

12. - A modern rock / alternative rock band from Minneapolis, MN.
Band Members:
Chris Clark - Bass, Lead Vocals
Danny Fromm - Guitar, Vocals
Johnny Capello - Guitar, Vocals
Adam Szczepaniak - Drums
Sarah Olson - Keyboard

13. A Christian metal band

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