Freestyle My Dial


dawg i rap i kill you every time

you wish that your motherfukkin hoes were fine,

bitch you just dont get it do you

with my skills i'll rip right through you,

battling me was a fukkin mistake

like that story 'bout you not bein a virgin was a fukkin fake,

man lookin at you makes me wann gag

'cause you look uglier than a hoe fukkin fag,

you dont fuk weman 'cause you cant ejaculate

so you sit at home and masterbate,

man my words will destroy your whole label

you so retarted you cant work the turntables

and you so poor cant even afford hot cable,

i'll kill you man i'll use your head as a plank

in my hard wood floor thats made out of spank,

I am the bomber and you are vietnam

geuss who's next,your stinkin ass mom,

you'll die fast like you dont know ya dead

like a dumbass mo'fo' who shot himself in the head

you dead now so go lie in a bed

oh yeah, you're gay so go suck a dick instead

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