First Batlle


Bitch you look like you suck balls for a life

jerkin off while your mom touches her oun gonads

and strife

dog you act like shit like a dick in clit

you so dumb you cant even drive stick

you wanna forfeit well you're the one who started

just cause you retarted you know you just farted

cause you you look like you covered in cum allover

like a mollestered 8-year old in a fukkin stroller

but you know you raped our oun principal

while we perform our crime ritual

where i hurt you physical

maybe thats why you covered in bruises

going on gay cruises

where theres fukkin bitch ass losers

but they totally alike your bitchin ass self

who i'll personnaly kill and put your name up on a shelf

well see ya bitch gotta go

but dont forget I fuck yo mama for piles of dough

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