What You Mean To Me


yo, tell me what's on ur mind-//-

tell me if u kno, or don' kno-//-

if u wanna stay mine, buh one thin'-//-

i kno is dat, we gon las' longa den fo'eva-//-

no matta tha wheatha we gon b togetha-//-

girl, u ma werl, n share one heart-//-

one joy, one love, i thank tha lord above-//-

even tho sumtimes he doesn't listen-//-

but he managed to fill my emptyness-//-

in tha place it was missin, this is-//

passed perfection, i saw tha light-//-

n u in it head'n to my direction-//-

a angel sent down to earth, ur worth-//-

more than material possesion-//-

this tru love gerl, ain no question//

about it, u a dream come true-//-

u tha one way too good to be true boo-//-

who knew u waz always aroun'-//-

now i'm always astouned that u on ma-//-

side we gon ride fo eternity, cuz this-//-passed perfection,

mo' than destiny, girl u n me like neo n trinity-//-

gerl i'm genuwine, wat's ur favourite gen'a 'a wine-//-

we gon go out n dine at expensive restuarants-//-

money ain a thing, cuz love ain got a cost, all ma thoughts-//-

consist of be'n witchu, i asist that u stay happy-//-

cuz we gon' b tighta than nappy hair braided-//-

our love will neva b faded, it's fate it picked us-//-

this fabulous, no lus' only love it's a mus', trus'-//-

is wut we'll always have nex' to tha speacal feel'n-//-

ain no conceal'n any facts, no acts jus honesty-//-

and i honestly wanna b wit u fo all'a ma life-//-

come home from work n see ma kids n wife-//-

i ain trife n i kno u don't eitha, but i still spit game-//-

like etha, but i stay a believa, cuz i neva seen a-//-

tru beauty like ur complection, far from inperfection-//-