Ghetto Gods Freestyle (with EARTHGANG feat. 2 Chainz)

Dreamville , EARTHGANG , 2 CHAINZ

A lot of talk about what′s Atlanta and what's not
You wanna see what Atlanta is?You know what I mean? Reassurance
Too easy
Pop your shit now (Gangsta Grizzillz)
EARTHGANG, home worldwide
Home certified, gon′ testify (hold on, hold on, hold on)
Price for a feature gon' cost your life
Where you goin'? Where you goin′? Hold on
Bruh (who me?), hold on
Fuck that shit (Mr. Thanksgiving)

Bitch it′s EARTHGANG, home worldwide
Home certified, gon' testify
Price for a feature, that′ll cost your life
Fuck your top ten, what your top five?
You in the presence of the most high
Speak with the tongue of the most fly
A couple of stars in the roof, it's true
I′m really a star, my nigga, the proof

I father the youth, I taught them the truth
I show them the lies, I open they eyes
The real niggas rise, it's diamonds inside
Okay, it′s my turn, the turn of the tides
I pray up to God
Don't fuck with the schools or government
Laws or none of they rules
The media lie every day on the tube
Tupac with a billi', my everyday move (get ′em)

Fuckin′ money up, hit my baby mama up
Who you with? Fuck that shit, I'm pullin′ up
Threw a brick through a nigga Uber-Lyft
Knew he was a bitch, knew he'd try to dip
I be lyin′, say I do it for the kid
I just really fuck with doin' stupid shit
White crowds like I′m Hootie and the Fish
Fuckin' on a freaky, moody, lil' bitch

I don′t ever stick around to shoot the shit
FaceTime nine times out of ten
I be in the whip, droppin′ off the jit
Droppin' off some dick
Sand bars with me like I′m Michael Vick
Chopper ate a nigga up, Kyle Pitts
Sandlot, big dog, I'm a beast
Same time niggas populate the pics

Pick a ring, flick
Pinky ring pink
Pussy real pink
(Talk your shit, Tit) Sink, okay
I′m on my way, want me get in there?
Been a real nigga turned a millionaire
While you sittin' there
I′ll make a million dollars
By the time you been got up and did your hair

Far as Louis Vuitton, I got 60 pair, you could pick a pair
In the fruit fight, you couldn't pick a pear
Some might say a grammatical error
My granddad had a Chrysler LeBaron
Then my dad caught prison time
Mom start cryin', fucked up her mascara
My trap house had a long-ass line

12 for the shit, it′s porcupine
Stuck like truck
Fuck them fines, fuck that court
Young, Black nigga, I ain′t tryna be broke
Young, Black nigga, I ain't tryna be broke
Rolled ′em dice, then rebuck
Take the dough, then re-up
My new crib like my ego
'Cause that shit is big as fuck

Let me explain something
Every time you hear my voice
I′m thinkin' Mount Rushmore
And there′s only a couple spots available
What's a king to a god?
What's a god to a non-believer?
In this case, only the legacy we leave behind
Just make sure you quote me when I′m gone
(Gangsta Grizzillz)