Big Trouble Freestyle (with Cozz)

Dreamville , Cozz

As we proceed
To give you what you need (yeah)
Dreamville, motherfuckers (y′all niggas, man)Drive cruise, motherfuckers (big truck)
It's Cozz, motherfuckers
Look (Gangsta)

Shoutout my sister, she be my clone
Shoutout to Reason, yeah, we still releasing them songs
Shoutout K-Dot for reasons we′ll only know
Let's just say, if I was a clout chaser, I would be on
Shoutout Zendaya for saying she love the song
That's all I′ma say about it, now please just leave it alone
I′m a Spider-Man fan, but man, fuck the web
It gave voices to losers who never get out of bed

How dare you niggas give your disrespectful, half-witted opinions?
In real life, I'll probably scare you niggas
I′m the flair you niggas been itching to get
The most slept on clique, it's about time I give ′em a piss
'Cause they been asking "Who′s ill?" Like they live with the Grinch
And I been asking "Who's real?" 'Cause it don′t seem to exist
One of the best out the west, fuck what you see on a list
Do opinions really matter if you eating legit, and feeding your jit

And your favorite bitch still eating the dick?
Lord forbid the day somebody leak the DMC get
That′s more dangerous than COVID how it leave niggas sick
I mean, there's A-list rappers who would see it and flip
But I get what I needed and dipped
Thanking the past like the Mayans
Another problem out of my hands
′Nother dollar in my finance
I'ma get that blowjob, then like Brent, I′ma fire your ass, my bad

But why settle for one when there's four?
I know I trigger certain women who been here before
I′m sure, I'll settle down one day, but for now
I can't just rock with one girl, It′s ironic, I need a pair or more
Yeah, don′t try and box 'em up into one genre
Next EP gon′ have mamas leaving all y'all fathers
Next EP, you gon′ wonder where your supporters went
Next album, gon' show that y′all my support in this
For now, listen to Fortunate

That's real raps, real pain
Real struggles, real gains
Real emotion, real change
Authentic, I meant it, every word that I was sayin'
What′s a bird to a plane?
I could go much farther, nigga, stay in your range

How are these lil′ niggas getting all these big chains?
Flying in these private jets and I ain't heard one thing
Either everything is borrowed or they working the machine
I guess niggas move fishy when they tryna up streams
Herpes dicks on ′em, they'll never come clean
I can′t be mad at it, nigga, that's hustling
But one thing ′bout me
I don't want no favors that you could potentially hang over me

Only thing a nigga want free is my dog Correy C
South Central nigga, Crenshaw district boy
Used to walk to the Slauson to get fitted, boy
Then spent time by the beats, my wave different, boy
Bad breath, nigga, I was sent to destroy
I can't even lie, I′m realizing I′m crazy
Carry that heat 'cause I realized they won′t fade me
Mom's disappointed ′cause that's not how she raised me
But that′s how this life made me
Who shot ya?