Killin Of The Caine

Dre Dog

(Dre Dog talking)

Drop it

Yeah! (yeah)


This is of those cocaine style raps (you can say that again)

For the killas (the who?)

The real killas (right)

That uh...that popped Dan

This yo boy Dre Dog!

Check it out (drop that shit there boy)

(Dre Dog)

Step into the mind of a visionary vocalist

Focus this picture this I'm 6 foot 6

Ready for the battle like Desert Swarm

Feel the welts on yo body from the extension cord

Got you sweatin like a dancer

Stress and gave you cancer

Nigga you the wide receiver foo I'm Deion Sanders

Prime Time niggas get turned like a channel

Coke is this, fuck a bitch from Detroit to Seattle

Indo got niggas thinkin fuckas wanna stop me

Mothafuckas missin teeth boxin like hockey

Rabbit, I'm not a kid but you can get the Trix

You better have been sleepin cause I'm slammin Big Six

BAM! Get the smellin salts he's unconscious!

Tryin to go head up but juss cant stop this

Treat me like a red but nigga don't push me

Cause once my vocals hit the beat it's good like pussy



It's the Killin of the Caine


(Dre Dog)

You live in a shell like a snail

Moby Dick ass niggas get harpooned like a whale

Not a killa (??doin niggarail??)

Fuckin with the pinnacle

Wishin for a miracle

Situation Critical

Lay it down, you betta expect the worst

All screamin like a pregnant woman about to get burst

In a taxi, now ask me, do you think I'm bluffin?

I bet I got you listenin to me juss like I'm E.F. Huttin

Or somethin, you fuckas gonna all have to learn

Favorite boxer Tyson, second Tommy Hearns

Hut hut hi