Killa Whale

Dre Dog

(Whale calls)

(Dre Dog talking)



This shit is on beat....



Drop that shit boy...




Did somebody say umm...Fillmoe?

Mista Jim Jones could ya...please drop a verse?

(Dre Dog)

Nigga it's the J to the I to the M to the J O N E S

Nigga in the flesh

Chewy boy doobie with the buddha cess

I'm like the Lion King cause everything I see is mines

And Tommy Tuckers man they stop and fuck us like a sign

So read my mind, the situation's critical

And off that chewy man shit can get like (??britical??)

You think you know me? Well test your luck and try me out

And watch me treat you like a cow in a slaughterhouse

That cutty chrome, that microphone

That new Jim Jones, that indo zone

That watch that valium on your dome

I'm putting beary fairy niggas in a state of shock (shock!)

And I'm a killa whale but nigga check my pimp walk

So bust that, crush that, crush that

Cuh-crack crack!

That's how that nigga's neck snap

I'm harmon like that (??move a ree??)

Deadly like that Octagon

Fillmoe to the fuckin heart

Crooked like the Pentagon

Recka! Niggas get jumped like checkers

So what's the use if fuckin Salt if I can't fuck with Pepper

So check my rep, survival tech, and hit man killa tactics

Niggas get berry faced down on silver plastic

Mothafucka, niggas get split like a wishbone

Dank or dope, bank or cope, Nigga Mista Jim Jones

The fat rat dominator, microphone terminator

Quick to break the neck of an E-40 imitator

Nigga don't front, you know I got you open

With more Raider in me than they ever had in