Sick Of It All


Murder murder a ripe blood stain

Pulled the fucking trigger cause Im sick of it all

Murder murder a ripe fucking hate

Pulled the fucking trigger cause Im sick of it all

I went to school today with an oozi

Theres this kid he teased me so i shot em in the face

All the worlds light wont ease my pain

It wont cease i'm diseased will you hang me please.

I'm a nihilist, raised on violence.

What do I do I'm american youth

All my life ive lived in silence

Im gonna snap ill get you back

Im a girl im only 13 my body rots

Cause i wont fucking eat

Im a silent star on a b-roll

Im a mirror fucking image of no control

Give me the award i conquered food again

What else is better in life than to purge my pain

If i cut, i wont look like that

If i cut if i cut i wont feel like this shit

We are kids we think life is a scam

We come from wasted land

We are kids we play punk rock and roll

If we didnt we got no soul

We are different fuckin kids with the same heartbeat

We got one pulse running through the streets

They are our arteries

I am part of this